What People Say About Us


"Michael has setup hundreds of connections for me with great response so far and I have several meetings with senior art producers and creative directors at Ad Agencies coming up"..."I work personally with Michael and I HIGHLY recommend him."

-Kevin Michael Schmitz, Executive Producer on TV Commercials and Director of the TV Show Great Escapes

“Michael helped me make more sales for my business and generate new leads. I'm working in a specific, small market with a lot of competition and Michael's advice got me from zero to four sales in less than a week! I highly recommend him because he has the knowledge to really make an impact and make any business thrive!”

-Jovan Glisic, Owner, Pro Screen, Advertising and PR Agency

"Michael has been an absolute gem and massive help in understanding and navigating the new creative/work platforms like LinkedIn. This is an ever changing world and business platform and his help and guidance has been massive to me. I highly recommend Michael, if you want to step into the current world market and better understand the tools we have to make connections and contacts for work, Michael is your guy."

-Sacha Waldman, Media Production, Photography, LA

"Conversation is very important, if not THE most important factor when it comes to getting new customers and new clients. Michael expertly crafts his copy to speak directly to your audience. It's almost like he can read their minds.

He would be an invaluable and indispensable part of your marketing strategy."

-Wally Nguyen, CEO and Founder of Your Mentor Bot

"I’m about to embark on my second month with Michael Sterling. So far? I have made a good amount of new contacts on LN, some whom have expressed interest in speaking with me, others whom have not (the way of things). In my first month I’ve been able to have two meetings, one of which has resulted in a new gig, so by my calculations - good so far... More then simply contacting people on LinkedIn, Michael has shown me that he’s dedicated to his clients (me in this case) and has not only fulfilled his commitment towards contacting potential clients but he’s become a strategic marketing partner in the respect that I’ve been using his insight to guide my conversations.”

- Jon Evans, Commercial Photographer, Celebrating 20 Years in the industry

“Michael makes his audience feel connected. Because it's not a one size fits all mentality with Michael. It's a 1 to 1 conversation, that he personalises to everyone he meets. And when you have something custom made to satisfy YOUR specific needs, is there any debate as to whether or not it's right for you?”

-Brian On, Visual Storyteller

“Michael and I have worked on some of the same teams in the past and he never fails to amaze me! He never settles, so if you're going to work with him you'd better keep up. His delivery is unlike any I've noticed before. I highly recommend this young man if you're serious”…“Can't wait to see you do great things Michael! Keep up the hard work man!”

-Damon Taylor, CEO, T.E.A


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